Welcome to Kobo Art. We are an online art gallery for modern and contemporary paintings. Our mission is to encourage emerging talent and provide a platform to buy and sell affordable art. Buy original paintings, prints, pictures and art online from our gallery where all works available are for sale.


  • Last night was the opening of the Brush Meets Camera exhibition by Shrutika Gosavi and Salma Serafi. Curated by...
  • We have loads of paintings at reduced prices so check it out while the sales lasts!...
  • Fabulous new mixed media paintings by Jan D'Sa now in our gallery. Pictured here are Dar Al Khaleej 1 and 4 from a series of 5 works.
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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Founded by Shan Fazelbhoy, former artist turned online gallery owner...



Kobo Art by Shan Fazelbhoy Online art gallery based in Dubai, U.A.E.

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