Andrew Thompson Wall Art Gallery

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson is an Aircraft Engineer by profession but has always maintained a keen interest in art and furniture design.  Born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, he has had no formal training in art after high school art classes and considers himself a self-taught artist. The inspiration for much of Andrew's painting comes from his surroundings during the extensive traveling he does due to his work as an Aircraft Engineer, which has taken him to many unusual places. Being an Engineer also influences some of the subjects Andrew paints and he is a great admirer of the form of some of man’s many engineering feats from the past in machinery and architecture. Andrew is also inspired by the desert sands of Dubai which may seem bleak and featureless to some but to him they are alive with shapes, shades and colour, constantly shifting and offering something new. He is still experimenting with different subjects in his painting and although he is trying to find a niche, Andrew loves the freedom to paint what he feels like at any given time. "I paint in my rare free time as a working family man," says Andrew. "But I grab any opportunity to paint or create with both hands!" Andrew has lived in Dubai for the last 28 years and is married to Anita with two children, Keiran and Emma.