Anne Robin Wall Art Gallery

Anne Robin

A professional painter based in the Paris region, and trained as a quasi-autodidact, Anne Robin has been exhibiting since 2014. Halfway between figurative and abstract, her work focuses on bringing out feelings and emotions through antagonisms. Her favorite themes are contrasts between somewhat contradictory cohabitations such as the coldness of cities softened by the surrounding nature, the roundness of waves and clouds, found in abstract straight lines, or women. Not forgetting the liveliness of liberating abstraction. On canvas or other supports, she paints in acrylic or mixed media, often with added materials, and gold, the symbol of brilliance, is frequently found in her canvases, in different forms: paint, pigments, leaf. She paints as she is, that is to say, without pretension, with her faults and her strengths, but making it a point of honor to produce very personal works, in a style that cannot be found elsewhere. Her paintings have already been exhibited in France, China, Spain, Italy and the Vatican. Her paintings can also be found in France, the UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Japan, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, French Polynesia and elsewhere. She has an ICAC rating.