For the buyer:

1. How do I buy?

Click on ‘Add to cart’ on the right of the selected painting.

2. How do I pay?

Our payment partner is CC Avenue and payment is integrated at checkout through a safe and secure payment gateway.

Our partner for an installment option currently available in the U.A.E. and KSA is PostPay. The limit to purchase via PostPay on installments is AED 5,000.

3. How do I receive my chosen artwork?

Our shipping partner is DHL, they will deliver the artwork(s) to the address provided at checkout.

4. How long will it take for delivery?

Approximately 4 days within the U.A.E.

Approximately 7 days for international clients.

If the artwork is extra-large/oversized and a crate is to be specifically made for delivery, then it may take up to 2 weeks.

5. Can I pick up my chosen artwork?

Please contact us prior to checkout if you would rather pick it up.

6. Can I have my chosen artwork delivered as a gift to an alternate address?

Yes, please include the delivery address at checkout.

7. How does my artwork ship?

Tubes are used for unstretched canvases which will be safely rolled to fit in a dent-resistant cardboard or plastic tube. Tubes may ship at lower costs and can be easily restretched after delivery. We advise to get the rolled artwork unrolled and restretched professionally within a reasonable time and stored safely in the tube until such time to avoid creasing and damage.


Cardboard boxes are used for stretched canvases (on wooden bars) and the artwork will be well protected within this sturdy box to ensure it /oversized the buyer as safe as is possible.

Wooden crates are used for extra-large works and are packed in this sturdy crate with packaging materials to ensure the artwork stays in place to reach as safely as is possible.

8. Can I return or exchange my artwork?

Please see refunds and exchange policy.

9. Are the works original?

We sell original art and prints. The website will mention the details. Please contact us if you are unsure and we can assist in clarifying.

10. Are the prints limited edition?

All prints are not limited, details are mentioned for each print but please contact us if you require further details.

11. Do you frame the art works?

Artwork that is already framed is sold as such. The information is available on the right of the single artwork image and we have a framed art section where all framed artworks are shown.

12. Do you provide a Certificate of Authenticity?

All paintings and prints receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

For the seller:

1. How do I sell my work on Kobo?

Please see Terms and conditions for the artist and email for the detailed document of terms and conditions. Do send images or a link to images for review with the initial email inquiry. Contact details can be found on the contact page.