Ali Hasanpour Wall Art Gallery

Ali Hasanpour

Ali Hasanpour is a classical artist and a graduate of Iran Calligraphers Academy He has the position of a professor from this academy Ali lives in Golestan province in the north of Iran in an area with plains, forests, mountains, seas and deserts, which inspired his works. Improvisation is his hobby. Ali believes that art is the unknowns of the world that the artist discovers and conveys to others through the lens of his eyes, and this is nothing but the grace of God alone. He can create abstract art by combining the art of calligraphy and painting and color. The art of calligraphy is the traditional art of his country, and when it is combined with graphics and painting, it forms modern art. He studied in the fields of literature, graphics, calligraphy and architectural engineering and believes that these arts have a direct relationship with each other and can help each other evolve. In addition to producing works of art, Ali spends part of his career in teaching this art. believes in promoting it. He has more than 20 solo exhibitions. He has had dozens of group exhibitions and more than ten exhibitions in Italy, America, Malaysia, Turkey, France, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Argentina, etc. Holding many workshops is one of the activities of this artist.