3D Wall Art

Manisha Andrade, artist on Kobo Art has studied the process of creating 3D Wall Art in India. The unique and creative designs of these works are all original paintings, each piece specifically designed by the artist.

Working with ceramic powder and sometimes clay along with adhesives, Manisha applies these to the design created on a hard surface like wood, board, or primed canvas. The artwork and design is then painted with acrylic paints, coffee, or in some cases she uses both mediums. If coffee is used, it is done so in a concentrated form to give a very vibrant tone to the painting.

Experimenting with different types of mediums on the artworks like oil, acrylic and glass colours, either individually or in combination, Manisha works untiringly to create a single piece in a minimum of one week. The time taken to finish a 3D Wall Art piece depends mainly on size, intricacy and detailing of the design.

Once the piece is finished, the artist waits for it to dry completely before applying varnish. The next step is for the artwork to go for framing, each painting is framed with individual attention to show the artwork in the best possible way.

These beautiful and intricate artworks of 3D Wall Art are available for sale on Kobo Art online paintings gallery.

For these and more by the super talented Manisha Andrade visit: https://www.koboart.com/artist/manisha-andrade/