The Artist is Not Famous

THE ARTIST IS NOT FAMOUS‘, I hear that a lot as a reason not to buy a painting, that is if you can even consider it a reason!

Being in the business and all that, I come across a lot of people who ask about the artist, the person behind the painting, and fair enough, you want the history behind the piece, you may have some connection with a name or where the artist is from, may be you even know them from some forgotten time but how do you not buy a painting that you like because you haven’t heard of the artist? That I am unable to understand.

What I do understand though is that there are people who want their collection to mirror their affluence and fair enough to that too but surely it can be okay to add a painting from someone who is not well known, after all shouldn’t it be more about what you like rather than what people say?

To each his or her own really but supporting an unknown artist can be a very gratifying experience so if anyone’s listening here are 10 things to consider before saying, “It’s very nice but the artist is not famous.”

  1. There are hundreds and thousands of artists and it would be impossible for one person to know them all.
  1. Wanting to buy only famous artists is tantamount to being on the brand bandwagon and that again is something I personally don’t get.
  1. Buying only famous names is like letting others make decisions for you.
  1. Buy art for art’s sake and not for social reasons.
  1. Not buying something beautiful because it’s not expensive…okay how does that make sense?
  1. Be a shepherd not the sheep, buy it first, rave about it and watch your friends thank you later.
  1. You may be missing out on a good investment.
  1. A thing of beauty is a joy forever…somebody did say that!
  1. Does fame really matter?
  2. Are you famous?

The featured image is Aqua Burst by Kim Oberoi. For more fabulous art by all our artists, please visit our gallery.