Kobo is an abstract, semi-abstract and minimalist online gallery only. Please contact us only f your work falls into these genres.

We reserve the right not to exhibit any work considered inappropriate by us.

All works/images submitted must be original and stay as such by not replicating unless submitted as prints.

Kobo holds the rights of final selection of work to be exhibited on the website.

Kobo reserves the right to remove any piece of work as deemed necessary.

Kobo will not be held responsible for protection of copyright of any art work displayed on their website or sold through them.

The artist will be responsible for complete protection of their copyrights. Please consult with legal experts and register your art work with copyright offices.

By submitting your data and/or contacting us you are in agreement with all terms, conditions and policies as stated on this website.

Should you wish to proceed with joining Kboo, please email for further details as this is a brief description.

We are creating a community built on trust so please respect other’s rights to publicity and privacy and do not infringe on copyrights, propriety, and intellectual rights.

Any future changes to the Terms and Conditions will be updated on this website ONLY.