Self Criticism

Contributed by Sapna Jain

“Without critical faculty, there is no artistic creation.” – Oscar Wilde.

You cannot critique your own art unless you have a tough self-standard; a vision, clarity and the knowledge of what you want to bring into your canvas.

Knowing what good art is comes from knowledge and understanding and this knowledge comes from ‘creating work yourself’. You can also acquire this by studying other people’s work but there is a difference between studying, learning and copying.

These are few things I keep in mind:

  1. Technique: Though I am practicing art for not more than 4 years, I have developed my own technique  of layering and adding textures to my background. I put myself on constant check to ensure I am pushing my own boundaries with my style.
  2. Magic: I try and look for an area in my work which would draw the attention of viewers, an area which will be successful and can be used repeatedly to become your signature style.
  3. Brand Colors: I have created my brand color, a color by which I am often recognized – turquoise green. I  follow the ‘Bob Blast’ color wheel and always attempt to use a ‘spice color’ which would add the little joy to the artwork.
  4. Wrap up: While creating my art piece I always place it in an area from where I can observe it, even if at that time I am not working on it. This ‘pinpoint act’ helps me observe, introspect and and self-critique to improve so I am never in a rush to wrap-up.
  5. Be sympathetic: to self-critique I am sympathetic and positive towards myself as I believe self-criticism  without self-confidence can lead to depression and failure.
    Note from the artist: Happy creating and always believe in yourself.

    View Sapna’s work here.
    Featured image: DREAMS by SAPNA JAIN, acrylics on canvas, 60 cms x 90 cms, AED 2,250.