Photo to Painting: Do Your Soul Some Good.

Click on the below link to view this touching watercolor created in order to capture the innocence of the young and tenderness of a priceless moment.

Alt Attribute: Touching watercolor created in order to capture the innocence of the young and tenderness of a priceless moment. 

Art allows a piece of the intangible world like thought, feeling, or emotion to be made tangible. 

Culture Trip explains that art is proven to have a hugely positive impact on the soul. Simply looking at it can completely change a person’s mood for the better. According to studies, increased signs of dopamine appeared in the minds of study participants when they observed artwork and was equated with the sensations experienced when in love or even on drugs! 

It was Michaelangelo who perfectly captured the power an artist has to touch the human heart with these words:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

This is what artists do: they find the meaning in something and then produce a piece of art that will recreate this sensation within the viewer as well. The connection between what we see and what it causes our minds to feel is strong and artists certainly know how to capitalize on this very fact. 

Surrounded by Your Loved Ones

Why do people tend to keep pictures of their loved ones out to be viewed on a daily basis? 

According to Business Insider, this decision is generally made because of the joy brought on by laying eyes on a photograph of someone we love. It has been discovered that viewing a picture of a person we care about has the power to dispel pain more expediently than just about anything else. This idea was taken a step further in a study that was conducted in which participants were touched with a hot probe and then shown pictures of their loved ones. It may sound brutal, but the findings were extremely insightful. It was found that giving the person who had been burned a picture of a loved one to look at was far a more effective form of consolation than any other diversion offered. 

Want to increase the emotional health of your mind and your overall happiness on a regular basis? Surrounding yourself with a few carefully selected pieces of art that will positively influence your mood is a great start! Choosing ones that have special significance to you personally is even better.

Making it Personal

So we have established that observing art has it’s marked benefits and that pictures of our loved ones also affects us in positive ways. But what if you were to put the two together? 

Paint Your Life makes it possible to insert unparalleled meaning into a beautiful work of art that will be cherished by the receiver for years to come. By teaming up with a talented painter, you are offered the chance to create a proof of the image you want to see on canvas and have an up-close view throughout the entire endeavor. The involvement you maintain with the artist ensures that every detail is observed, making maximum vivacity of the exact feeling and memory you wish to preserve achievable. Furthermore, you are given the opportunity to remain updated as the painter completes each step of the actual creative process, transferring your cherished memories onto canvas before your eyes. 

Remember the family dog that will forever be a key part of your children’s formative years? Take a look at the remarkably detailed pet portraits that allow the loving memory of the family pet to be featured for the edification of an entire room. 

Or what about the beautiful photograph you have of the entire family at your daughter’s wedding? Having the details of this picture transferred to canvas will allow you to treasure the feelings that event held for you for the rest of your life, bringing back the same joy everytime you look upon it. 

Art From the Heart

Having a portrait painting done is a fantastic way to preserve the beautiful nostalgia of a precious memory for years to come. It is a way to stay in touch with the magical moments you never wish to forget while also readily providing yourself with the happiness artwork has the power to bring you at any given moment.

Take a look at the powerful experience the sight of a customized work of art had on this particular recipient:

The touching nature of this video makes the potential impact of art more evident than any study ever could. There is hardly a better way to hold a treasured moment in your heart for a lifetime than through a beautiful work of art. 

So surround yourself with joy in the most artistic of ways. It will no doubt do your soul a little, if not a lot of good!