Making the Most of Being A Creative

Read what Neleisha Weerasinghe has to say about Making the Most of Being a Creative.

Being a creative individual can be very challenging. In this day and age when there are many things pressing on our time and fighting for our attention, it is easy to either get lost in our work or lose out on productivity at the same time. These two elements seem to constantly be at odds with each other. So how do we manage both?

Research is still being done on what creativity is and how does one become one. According to science there is still a lot we do not know about creativity. What research seems to help us with is, on how we can become more creative and manage our time well at the same time. Let’s look at some steps we can take to be more creative and manage our time at the same time.

  • Find your rhythm: let’s face it, we all need to dance to our own beat and that means finding your own rhythm and working on your most important tasks then. Being productive with your creative work also means getting the most done at this peak productive times. For some this may mean early in the morning for some it might be late at night. Whatever you do, do not try to go against your own body clock because it will only be counterproductive then.
  • Distance yourself: have you ever noticed creative ideas just pop at you when you close your eyes or even if you are taking a break in the shower. Science has proved that we find solutions to problems and have more creative ideas flowing when we are far from the source of the problem or whatever project we are working on. So it is good to keep some distance to recharge.
  • Put some limits: it is a proven fact that when you put some boundaries on yourself or your work you can produce some amazing results. For example use a limited palette for your next painting and try to create a masterpiece with may be three or four colours.
  • Don’t get too influenced: for those having self doubt about their work it is important that they allow for independent thoughts and ideas to flow. Looking or following too many creative’s can seriously influence their work and dampen their own creative juices. So if you are on instagram or other social media sites, following other creative’s think again, are you letting yourself get over influenced?
  • Chemically right: we got chemicals running in our bodies, so when they are imbalanced we are in trouble. One main cause of this imbalance is being stressed. Being under pressure or stress can cause adrenaline to rise which can really dampen the creative spirit. To balance our hormones we need to eat healthy high protein meals and of course get some exercise. So if you are feeling energetic and happy having some coffee can boost your mood but if you are stressed and unusually moody or anxious then staying away from that coffee is the best.

These are some steps you can follow and of course do not forget to relax and enjoy the process, because if not your work can become too conceptual and not have a soul.