Art Making and Motherhood

A Career in Art Making and Motherhood, Do you really have to choose?

A blog post by Neleisha Weerasinghe.

For a long time there have been questions on working mothers and childcare. Are they good enough at doing both? Do the children get neglected? There is also this primitive notion that a woman should give up everything else when it comes to having a child.

Some women still think it is a myth balancing work and family. Most do not want to go down that road because they feel they will not be able to have everything and that they will invariably be sacrificing on one end. Some research point out that trying to be 100% with family and careers have taken a toll on women and their health and well being while others argue against it. But one thing everyone agrees on is that it is not easy and there are numerous struggles to face. So may be balancing a career and a family is not for everyone, just like having children is not for everyone.

However it is a positive thing to note that more and more women are seen managing careers and family in a successful manner. Researchers say that many women find managing a business on their own, be it in the arts or any other field provides them a balanced mindset and helps them be a better parent. The societal mindsets on career mothers are also changing slowly with a more supportive and open attitude. Mothers in the art world are facing similar challenges and additional difficulties especially when time and energy are spent at something that does not bring in monetary benefits which can be the case for many artists. Sometimes artist mothers could give up their practices altogether thinking it is not practical but there are countless others who thrive on the dual role, vowing that motherhood has only enriched their practice.


Despite the struggles let’s see some of the ways these mothers balance their art careers and motherhood and the advice they have to share.

  • Prioritize: this is most important and if you are to succeed you must identify the priorities to help you manage your time better. When it comes to making art, this can be an advantage as time is limited and the focus in the moment.
  • Ask for help or delegate: when you know what is important and which tasks need your absolute attention, you are able to delegate some of the non key work to others if available. Being a mom can help you multitask and be efficient but sometimes you will have to rely on others and trust that they will do their best.
  • Set limits: this is an important aspect. Since you have to balance your life and work you need to make sure that you actually be present when you are with your family. So switch off the TV and your phone and actually spend time with them. The limits should be set for the whole household so that you can have quality time together.
  • Take care of yourself: take the time to have your sleep, exercise and eat healthy because being healthy is important to take care of your family. Having a passion to work on is also a boost as it helps your mental well being. Making sure you spend time on either a business or a craft can really help in increasing self-worth and well-being.

Take these steps or any others that can help you balance your life with work and family. As many mothers testify, giving life can add to the meaning so if you are embarking on a career and trying to juggle a family, do not give up. Being a mother can be an extra qualification on your resume.