How to Start an Art Collection

Tips on Starting Art Collections

Starting a personal art collection is an exciting venture and it’s worthy of time and investment. It has helped in the preservation of timeless and brilliant pieces while spurring the new artist.

Art collectors are people with a strong sense of appreciation for beauty, creativity, and all that goes into the expression that is art. For some people, collecting art is their way of expressing their taste and creative process, while for others; it’s for building a legacy, or even just emotional connections to pieces. Whatever your reason for deciding to go on this artistic adventure, there are a few things to put in place just as you begin to get the best out of this newfound interest.

1. Determine why you are starting: This would probably be one of the most important factors that would determine where you get your art, how much you’re willing to spend and so many other things.

What are your goals for your collection? What would you consider a good catch when you’re browsing through art choices? What would determine a successful collection for you? How long do you plan to collect for? These fundamental questions would guide your purchase choices and make sure there is no room for regrets.

You’d most likely still make a couple of impulsive choices, but when it comes to art, who really can control themselves? Just make sure to have a vision guiding you and your collecting.

2. Get familiar, and do your research: Keeping your finger on the pulse of things would help you make informed and valuable choices and even get the best deals. There are various ways to get in touch and up to speed with what’s currently going on in the art world. You really want to be on top of your game, know all the up-and-coming artists, the exhibitions going on around you, and so on.

Being informed would also allow you to have a wide range of styles of art to choose from. There’s so much beauty to be discovered, so make sure to expand your horizon and know what works best for you and your taste.

3. Set a budget: Depending on the kind of paintings you like, artworks vary in price and value. You must bear in mind though, that the prices aren’t necessarily commensurate to their worth on an aesthetic level. This is why going armed with a budget would keep you in check for your purchases while giving you the mental freedom to explore within that range you’ve set for yourself.

As much as artworks are valuable on so many different fronts, breaking your bank for a painting isn’t exactly the wisest move. Go hard, but play safe!

4. Follow your heart: Where your art and the choices you’ll make concerning this collection are concerned, you must always remember that you are the priority. Don’t become distracted by the trending pieces or people, or be influenced by other people’s disapproval of your taste.

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At the end of the day, you’d have to live with your choices and purchases. You want to make sure that your heart and mind are connected to the pieces you’re collecting. Your collection is an expression of you, so make sure your choices are authentic.