If you’re not already hearing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, best believe that in a week or two, the song will be the only thing you’ll hear when you turn around every corner. Decorations are already coming up high, Christmas trees are being booked and Christmas shopping is being concluded along with the new year presents but all of that aside, one of the most important things when it comes to this celebration is decoration. Of course, it can get a bit overwhelming, you can be confused about how to put up the decor around the house, what type of theme should you go for? How extreme should you go in the decorations or how light should be? Are you poring through pictures in magazines or blogs trying to find the right idea to implement in your home that doesn’t involve a lot of expenses? Don’t look any further. We’ve put together three fail-safe décor ideas to see you through the two celebrations.

1.    A different dimension

You can decide to adorn the main door or every doorway in your house. Choose a color that stands out or contrasts against your door and wall paint. Light stars, bulb string lights, and even snowflakes will give your home a nice and subtle décor touch that can last even after Christmas and New Year. You can also hang ornaments on doors, bright lights work well against door frames that can stay on during the night and light up your doorway.

2.    Celebration Letters

Bright shiny letters that spell HAPPY CELEBRATIONS instead of a specific celebration like HAPPY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY NEW YEAR. Since Christmas comes before New Year, using HAPPY CHRISTMAS would cost you more money and require you to get a change of decorations.

3.    Peculiar Tree

To keep your tree from having sole Christmas décor, you can add homemade decorations like designed socks, glitter balls, shiny ornaments, and of course, stars as well. Your tree is the one décor option you can to be as creative as you want. Ranging from special and memorable objects to new crafts that will create new memories.

4.    Highway to heaven

The stairs are your canvas, and there is no limit to the colors you can splash on them. Colorful ribbons, mitten socks, prized ornaments, and even a fresh bunch of cinnamon sticks hanging from ribbons. As you or your guests go up the stairs, they will feel like they are walking through a portal to somewhere different and special.

5.    Feast on!

You can’t have a celebration dinner without decorating your dining table. Fresh, beautiful table napkins along with decorative scented candles with sparkling tableware will give your table a new look that translates to a feast for the eyes.

Holiday decorations go beyond traditional ornaments on trees, ribbons around the house, and bright lights across the wall. It is that time of the year when you get to put your and your family’s creativity to the test while creating special memories. Create plastic flowers, paint and color stars, and glue glitter shapes to the wall and call it a décor. The most important thing is that you have fun while doing it!