Do We Need Art in the Workplace?

A lot of companies are unlikely to have a budget for art and I can understand it not being a priority when there is the business and employees to look after but any workplace or space that thinks art is splurging or a luxury needs to question that belief and revisit the idea.

Art in the work place should be considered a very worthy corporate investment having several benefits for employees and enhancing the corporate image for visitors.

Benefits for employees:

  • Inspiring
  • A mood enhancer
  • It serves as a talking point, initiating discussion
  • Creates bonds while colleagues discover similar interests
  • Exchanging ideas opens channels of communication
  • Employee morale is boosted through the pride of owning something beautiful
  • Creates a feeling of belonging as a group
  • A discovery of talented artists in your organization.

When art is selected specifically for the work place rather than generic ‘space fillers’ it creates a positive impression on visitors by showing an interest and a knowledge beyond your business. Companies that support art and culture create a favourable opinion amongst other businesses, media and can be linked to their community by supporting local talent.

As Steve Jobs co-founder and former CEO of Apple said: “You cannot mandate productivity, you must provide the tools to let people become their best.”

Based on that belief, a creative workspace is a productive workspace and a happy, generative team of employees is what any company strives to achieve.

Tip: Art can be a team-building exercise!

Details of the above paintings from the Element series be viewed here.