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Quiet Moments

Medium: OilMaterial: Canvas

Size: 76cm x 76cm

Price: AED 3,800.00


Sumali Piyatissa

Sumali Piyatissa

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Stretched :

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Story of the Art

In this oil painting, I sought to capture the essence of tranquility and introspection, blending abstract forms with a touch of semi-abstraction. My use of muted tones alongside bursts of warmth conveys a serene yet dynamic atmosphere. The reflective qualities suggest a mirror to the soul, inviting viewers to lose themselves in their thoughts and emotions. This piece will bring a harmonious and thoughtful energy to any space, enriching it with its meditative and subtle dynamism.


Where to use

Living room, meeting room, reception wall, office cabin, bedroom, dining room


Created Year 

January 2024






Abstract impressionistic






76 cms x 76 cms



Not Framed


Ready to Hang



Delivery Charges

AED 50 within SRI LANKA and AED 250 outside SRI LANKA per order


About Artist:

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