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Medium: OilMaterial: Canvas

Size: 6645cm x cm

Price: AED 2,250.00


Arpita Dhone

Arpita Dhone

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Many city dwellers dream is to live in nature due to overcrowding and artificial man made concrete around us. Many don’t have that opportunity to get into the countryside and enjoy this beautiful nature. Waterfalls are most rare to find for city dwellers. Sight of a beautiful waterfall represents abundance and providence which is shown in the flowing water as it cascades down towards the viewer. Side trees, bushes over the stone reaching for the veil of warm light as it falls through the jungle canopy above. Vibrant lush green color bathes the scene of visual delight, with turbulent milky color of water as it tumbles over every rock. This ethereal landscape painting symbolizes healing comfort descending from above and soothing a tired traveler or wounded soul. Using the vibrancy of colorful oil paint and the subtlety of light, this waterfall scene is a vision of restoration for those who seek comfort. Waterfall painting is inspired from the small stream flows in the hilly countryside area which one can never tired of watching for long.

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