Shan Faz Wall Art Gallery

Shan Faz

Welcome to Shan Faz’s world of unchartered imagination where she breathes life onto canvas in a symphony of colors. Coming back to art after a gap of 20+ years, the return has been inspired by a deep calling and she paints without fear or inhibition, expressing herself, her thoughts, her feelings in a mesmerizing dance between paint and imagination.  Having studied graphic design and art in Bombay (now Mumbai) and later in Karachi, she comes from an incredibly artistic family - mother, grandmothers, grandfather and uncle, she believes that this has shaped her artistic vision and that art is an integral part of life.The interplay of color, texture and materials is what interests Shan Faz and she enjoys the freedom of abstract work, often incorporating materials found at home and random tools to add interest. Currently experimenting with a range of styles within the abstract genre, she is excited to see where she lands. Having founded Kobo 11+ years ago, although Shan Faz has not participated with her own work in an exhibition, she has curated and held several exhibitions, participated in many events and consulted on many projects.The personal philosophy that Shan Faz lives by is to just do, start and work it out so most often there is not a detailed plan for the painting but just a general idea of direction, this requires her to stay flexible and change course if need be. Very often she ends up in a completely different space than initially imagined so she rolls with it which has often led to having underpaintings on many canvases.