Lockdown Lessons for Creatives

Lockdown Lessons for Creatives
Contributed by Neleisha Weerasinghe

The pandemic has shaken things up and looks like it is not going away anytime soon. Though some areas in the world are doing better than others, life has changed for many.

When it comes to creatives, how are we coping? Some say they are uninspired and don’t feel the need to create anymore. But we should and in doing so how do we stay motivated and carry on? I am sure you have already saved loads of websites, health tips and safety guidelines and the last thing you want is another post on how to handle isolation or lockdown but consider this a refresher specially for the creatives.

We are all in this together

These are stressful times but you must remember that you are not alone. Isolation might work for some, but not for many who crave socializing and being out there. If you have advice, resources and time please share with your community so we can be there for each other.

Be kind – to yourself

The world is changing and everyone is adjusting to a new phase of life these days. You might be trying to homeschool or work from home or do both while juggling many more things. Your paintings may take longer and you might not be writing as often as you were, but do not worry over these things. Take things one day at a time and try to live in the present without adding additional pressure on yourself.

Regardless of how supportive our loved ones are, the person we pay the most attention to is ourselves, so make your inner voice a helpful one.

Keep things professional

Try to maintain a professional work ethic even though things may have slowed down or changed. You will need to take more breaks to take care of your mental and physical health. But do not put off work altogether, because things will only pile up as you go along. So, maintain a steady pace as much as is possible for you.

Go with the flow

We are in the thick of a major shift or time of change and the world has to adapt so apply the same to your creative practice. Shake things up by taking on a different subject or medium or think of new ways to put your art out there to your audience. It is a great time to experiment and you can start by having a change in your perspective and outlook.

Artist block?

May be its time to dig up those old sketchbooks or even your old photo albums. Your sources of inspiration may have changed or may be out of reach but that does not mean the day is without any new sources to inspire you. Maybe you love travelling to paint that amazing landscape but cannot due to current circumstances so why not look closer to home? Your neighborhood or even your own backyard can be inspiring.

Stay healthy

Many people associate their level of creativity with their physical and mental well-being. Although the lockdown has limited our options, there are some things we can do to stay healthy:

  • Make sure you’re eating enough but not too much.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  • Exercise each day.

Turn to nature

Some of us may not have access to a garden space or a backyard but you still can look up and see the sky. So. take time to spend with nature. It is essential for the soul, that little bit of blue sky can change how we think.

Now is the time to keep up our creative practices even if they are slow. The world needs more art, and I believe it needs more right now, so keep creating and putting your work out there.