Inside the Studio of Nissa Riyas

I was invited Inside the Studio of Nissa Riyas last Thursday to view her latest work in progress. Of course I accepted immediately as I knew it was going to be a wonderful opportunity to see not just the piece spoken of above but also the rest of the work by this incredible artist.

Nissa Riyas, based in Dubai is a self-taught artist with a very varied but distinctive style. Having observed artists at work during her extensive travels all over the world she brings her experiences to the canvas with abstract concepts that reflect and capture her feelings of the moment, creating engaging, timeless pieces that one can easily relate to.

I definitely enjoyed seeing her work but what made my visit extra special was meeting Nissa’s son, an engaging young man who at the tender age of thirteen was a joy to spend time and chat with. Of course the fabulous lunch I was treated to was a delicious bonus to a lovely day!

As for the work in progress…you’re going to have to wait to see that but below are some pics of her work taken during my visit Inside the Studio of Nissa Riyas, some of which are on the Kobo Art website.


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