Immortalizing Wisdom in Arabic Calligraphy

“And God said “Love Your Enemy,” and I obeyed him and loved myself.” Is a famous quote by the writer, poet and visual artist, Gibran Khalil Gibran; and one of the many quotes that Nori Elhami has curated in her art.

Nori Elhami is a Fine Arts Major who works mainly in exquisite calligraphy with metallic and gemstones inspired theme. Her work is associated with lifestyle and luxury. Nori executed her first exhibition in 2014 after her graduation. She has since then worked as a freelancer with multiple companies.

Nori Elahim

 Words of wisdom should not be forgotten; they must be passed on to the next generations. This is why artist and calligrapher, Nori Elhami has dedicated her work to ensuring that famous quotes and words of wisdom are curated in creative ways.

“ I have been practicing Arabic calligraphy for four years. My art contains quotes and messages of hope are extracted from religious books or speeches of wise leaders. To me, words are a treasure and that is how I portray them to the next generation. My desire is to ensure that through my art, words are passed on; because such words may act as the only source of hope or guidance to those whose who read them.” Says Nori Elhami.  

Nori Elhami differentiates herself from other calligraphers in the luxurious style in which she writes her calligraphy. Her pieces take the form of glamorous be-jeweled chandeliers. 

Nori Elahim

“I am self-taught in this form and my skill has grown immensely as I continue to create more work. My process is both fun and interesting; I take verses and quotes from Arabic, Persian, and Urdu, and combine them with luxurious silhouettes creating very glamorous art. Sometimes I also add on pearls and diamonds to the artwork or finish it with a touch of sparkling crystals.” Adds Nori Elhami.

 Art collectors can order custom-made pieces while upcoming artists can learn the skill in one of Nori’s workshops. Nori Elhami teaches Arabic Calligraphy to beginners using traditional bamboo qalam and ink. Students can take a worksheet and traditional qalam home and practice the calligraphy fonts.

For more details on exhibitions, orders, and workshops, follow Nori Elhami on Instagram – @NoriElhami