Art Mysteries Unveiled, Part 1


Contributed by Jacquelyn Olalere.

Art is the one thing that lets your imaginations run as wild as they can without a limit. There are times when you find yourself standing in front of an art piece, fascinated by it. You have been staring for a few minutes now, you don’t understand it and yet you can’t look away. When you eventually move away, you look online to find what the art piece meant but you eventually give up after a few tries and accept that while you might not have understood the art, all that matters is that you enjoyed it. We’ll we’ve got news for you, you’re not alone. There are a number of art mysteries around the world today that have no explanations, and no answer either. An example of this is;

1.   The theft of “The Concert” by Johannes Vermeer.

It is not known exactly when Vermeer painted The Concert but in the 17th century, it was considered a valuable painting. But the painting didn’t rise to the fame it has today until it got stolen in 1990 from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts. The theft remains an unsolved mystery, with no substantial leads or recovered artwork to date. The loss of this priceless piece has left art enthusiasts and investigators puzzled and has sparked countless theories about its whereabouts, from clandestine collectors to international criminal networks.

Nobody knows what happened to it or who took it, and some people even refer to it as one of the biggest art heists in history.

2.   The Death of Vincent Van Gogh

Famous artist Van Gogh died in 1980 but over 40 years since his death, the actual reason for his death has still not been determined. The generally accepted version of Vincent’s passing is that he committed suicide. With self doubt and a history of self harm, it’s not difficult for that theory to be accepted but after his death, other theories came up.  A number of people believe that Van Gogh was murdered instead, arguing that his passion for painting would have been enough to stop him from committing suicide. The absence of a suicide note was another factor that stopped the first theory about his death from adding up. Some eye-witnesses even reported to have seen some youngstown boys bully van gogh moments before his death but with the absence of conclusive evidence, the most we can do is wonder what really happened.

Did Van Gogh commit suicide, was he killed, or was it a result of an accident? We guess the only person who can answer that question correctly is the painter himself.

3.   The Real Identity of Bansky

In the early 1990s, a street artist named Banksy rose to fame for his controversial art. A British film-maker and a political activist, Banksy has garnered international acclaim for his work and has been exhibited in prestigious galleries. The most notable thing about him however isn’t his thought provoking works that can be found on streets and bridges across the world, but the fact that nobody knows who he really is. There have been speculations and theories on who he might be but his true identity still remains at large.

The world of art holds countless mysteries, and these three we have offered simply provide a glimpse into the intrigue that surrounds the masterpieces and artists we admire. From missing paintings to unraveled death causes, each mystery presents an opportunity to delve into the depths of creativity, history, and human fascination. As art lovers, we yearn for answers, but sometimes the mysteries themselves are what keep the flame of curiosity burning. This isn’t where it ends though, we’ve got more art mysteries to stoke the fire of your curious mind right here.