An Art Escape

It’s the beginning of the year and your New Year’s resolutions are still freshThe holidays are over and work is getting busy with new projects, new clients and maybe even new colleagues. The pressure is mounting and you’ll be seeking avenues to unwind
How about an art escape?

U.A.E. based artist Maria Zheleznova brings together a small group of first-time painters twice a week for coffee and painting sessions. For two hours, participants get to immerse themselves in the relaxing world of watercolor paintings 

Maria Zheleznova   

‘Everyone can paint; they just don’t know it yet’ is Maria’s mantra.

“For me, Dubai is an endless celebration of dynamic life and opportunities,” says Maria. “The weather is warm, the sea close, the people hardworking and lively. An art escape provides us all a break, an avenue to wind down and live in the moment.” Maria adds.

Maria’s medium of choice is watercolors and her favorite style is fashion illustrations but her classes offer a choice of genres for attendees to choose from.

The artist feels watercolors offer room for improvisation. Bright and unpredictable she sees them as the perfect medium to transmit emotions. “When we paint we allow the colors to lead us and sometimes the final product surprises us all,” says Maria.

art escape classes

First time painters who have attended the classes have been pleasantly surprised at how well they did and offer positive feedback so if you are looking for an art escape? Reach out to Maria on Instagram via @art_escape_UAE.