World Handshake Day

I hadn’t heard of the beautiful concept of World Handshake Day till Kobo artist, Werner Szendi introduced me to it.

The original idea took shape  in Ivan Župa’s mind when as a child, an old man once said to him:
“My son, place your hand here in the sea and you are united with the whole world.”

And so the tradition of World Handshake Day began, a way and day to maintain and pass on the philosophy shared with Ivan Župa by the wise man. A day created to symbolize the gratitude and positive energy that connects all living beings with the bountiful earth they live on and with each other.

Werner Szendi collaborated with the founder of World Handshake Day to design the logo which represents the positive unity of all people. People, the earth and water coming together to form a common unit.

World Handshake Day


June 21, 2016 will be the 8th World Handshake Day and this year the project aims to reach even more people all over the world than previous years. You can contribute to this global connection by going to the vast ocean, a stream or river and place your hands in the water to support, to be one with the world in peace and positivity…and of course please share your pictures with us.

For more on World Handshake Day visit them on Facebook and watch Werner Szendi in this video from the Vienna, Danube event.

Visit our website to view Werner Szendi’s art.