Inside the Studio of Sanaa Merchant

Today we go inside the studio of Sanaa Merchant which is always exciting. This super talented artist is artistically gifted and technically knowledgeable and I’m always looking forward to see what she comes up with next.

An adept calligraphy artist, a skill she continually works on to grow and perfect, her latest work is an amalgamation of collage and typography letters, something new that she has tried in this series of calligraphy works.

“My inspiration as usual comes from the urgent need to paint after some time has passed in thoughtful thinking that just lingers within,” Sanaa shares. “When I started this piece I was not sure about the outcome, thus I decided to work with a subtle color palette giving the piece an earthy base.”

Sanaa Merchant

These very current on trend pieces carry her trademark depth and precision as the artist tells us she enjoyed what it was turning up to be and built further on her thoughts as she went along. “At the back of my mind I had an idea to bring in dark bold contrasts to depict the daily scrutiny of life, which along with the newspaper collage and abstract Arabic calligraphy shows the distortion of life, values and norms.”

They look beautiful already and I’m eager to see the final completed pieces.