Getting Creative with Amy Polling

We’re getting creative with Amy Polling and her new painting from the collection “Les Bohèmes de Paris is on it’s way.”

This new work by the hugely talented Amy Polling features French actor Alain Delon with the Love of his Life, Austrian actress Romy Schneider. ‘Alain et Romy’ promises to capture the true spirit of this timeless love story.

Inspired by the story of Alain and Romy, Amy says, “Their sad but beautiful love story has always inspired me, you see the spark in their eyes in their photo’s and it is very clear that these two people loved each other so much.”

Before starting a new painting, Amy researches into the lives of her subjects, getting all the information she can and looking at pictures in magazines and online. Never painting from them, she prefers instead to imagine a collage that allows her a look into their personalities. “A good portrait painting starts with the soul and the charisma in the eyes of the person you are portraying,” she says. Sometimes the artist makes a video of the personality to complete the sketch in her mind. Once satisfied with the composition, she starts portraying her thoughts on her canvas.

Alain et Romy

Alain et Romy in progress

For this large canvas of 140 cms x 100 cms she first put the the outlines of the composition in soft charcoal and then started with the basic first coat of colours. Always working in several layers of paints and colours, the artist explains. “This painting is still very much in the beginning phase with only the first layer of colour. Also, there is not much expression in the faces yet, as I always save that to the end.” Layering the colours and then starting work on specific areas, she adds, “First the composition and colours must feel as good, as I had seen it in my imagination, I then continue with the eyes, hands and other fine detailing.”

Amy shares her views on why the Alain et Romy love story went worng:

“Perhaps Alain, being a young, handsome and successful actor made some wrong decisions and was unable to resist other beautiful women wanting him. He fathered a child with German model Nico and I think this “intermezzo” influenced their break-up after which Romy tried to commit suicide. Alain and Romy stayed friends throughout their lives and when Romy died at the young age of 43 years, Alain organized her funeral and made sure that her son David who died in an accident when he was 14 years old was buried with her.” Alain Delon, now 76 years old recently told French Newspaper ‘Le Provence’ that he was unable to watch the last film he and Romy made, ‘La Piscine’ and that Romy was the love of his life.

“See you all next time when I have added more colour to the painting!” – Amy Polling

Amy Polling

Amy Polling at work

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing the complete work of ‘Alain et Romy’. Everyone loves a love story so watch out for it on our website.

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