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Kozara sculpture

The Unifying Role of Abstract Art in Yugoslavia

The Unifying Role of Abstract Art in Yugoslavia Written by Ana Brdar.  In Western Balkans, it is not entirely unusual to run into an enormous, otherworldly statue standing tall in a middle of an empty field, away from the bustling spaces of galleries and museums. These alien-like, concrete giants are, in fact, pubic art that was commissioned throughout the now non-existent country of…
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Naoshima: Where Nature and Contemporary Art Become One

Naoshima: Where Nature and Contemporary Art Become One by Ana Brdar Naoshima is a town composed of a cluster of islands that lies on the rugged coast of south Japan in the Seto Inland Sea of the Kagawa Prefecture. Once a sleepy fishing village with little tourist appeal due to excessive pollution of the waters surrounding it, Naoshima has since transformed into a pilgrimage site for art and…
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Artist Portfolio

Building Your Online Portfolio

Building your online portfolio by Thomas Boldt Self-promotion is probably one of the most important tasks for any type of artist, but it's not always as easy as we'd like. It's an old story: a fantastic artist has an impressive body of work, but somehow manages to remain completely undiscovered simply due to not being temperamentally suited to show off their own work. Some artists are great at…
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Sanaa Merchant

Inside the Studio of Sanaa Merchant

Today we go inside the studio of Sanaa Merchant which is always exciting. This super talented artist is artistically gifted and technically knowledgeable and I'm always looking forward to see what she comes up with next. An adept calligraphy artist, a skill she continually works on to grow and perfect, her latest work is an amalgamation of collage and typography letters, something new that she…
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Art in Qatar

Art in Qatar has been in the news for more than a decade but over the last few years there have been some headline grabbing articles about acquisitions, shut-downs, cut-backs and of course the unexpected death due to heart disease of Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Al-Thani, cousin of the ruling family who was a prominent and prolific art collector. Latest in this line of very interesting news is the…
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Inside the Studio of Nissa Riyas

I was invited Inside the Studio of Nissa Riyas last Thursday to view her latest work in progress. Of course I accepted immediately as I knew it was going to be a wonderful opportunity to see not just the piece spoken of above but also the rest of the work by this incredible artist. Nissa Riyas, based in Dubai is a self-taught artist with a very varied but distinctive style. Having observed…
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Top 12 for Valentine’s Day

With love in the air it's all about making your special one feel special and what better way to let them know how much you care than with an original painting or print from our Top 12 for Valentine's Day. Order now for on time delivery across the world to make the occasion a truly memorable one for you and your beloved.   BUY NOW from our website and get a 10% discount on any of the…
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City in Celebration

Top 10 Viewed Artists

Soon we will be saying good-bye to 2014 and ringing in the new year. We thought it a good time to share our Top 10 viewed artists for this year with you. Hope you enjoy the Kobo list, we've added our selection from their paintings but please do visit our website for more work by these and our other fabulous artists. *The cover photo is City in Celebration by Manisha Andrade Wishing you all…
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Kobo Art Artists

Meet the Kobo Art artists in this short video that introduces you to the artists whose work is currently available from our online art gallery. We regularly update the work on our Kobo and have new artists joining so be sure to visit our website and stay in touch through whichever channel(s) suit…
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Element Series

Do We Need Art in the Workplace?

A lot of companies are unlikely to have a budget for art and I can understand it not being a priority when there is the business and employees to look after but any workplace or space that thinks art is splurging or a luxury needs to question that belief and revisit the idea. Art in the work place should be considered a very worthy corporate investment having several benefits for employees and…
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