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Is Using the Photography of Others Art?

Is Using the Photography of Other Art? This is of course an endless debate but read this blog post by Thomas Boldt to find out more. Our digital world creates a truly staggering amount of imagery. 95 million photos are shared on Instagram alone every single day, and that figure is expected to rise. Google Street View has mapped out massive sections of the real world and made it all freely…
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ArtPrize Grand Rapids

ArtPrize gets Political

Thomas Boldt shares his views on ArtPrize. The world of juried art competitions is always subject to its own inner turmoil, but one of the more unusual prizes has taken on an uncharacteristically political tone this year. ArtPrize is a public art showing and competition that takes place annually in Grand Rapids, Michigan, originally founded in 2009. Grand Rapids is not exactly a cultural…
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Art escape

An Art Escape

It’s the beginning of the year and your New Year’s resolutions are still fresh. The holidays are over and work is getting busy with new projects, new clients and maybe even new colleagues. The pressure is mounting and you'll be seeking avenues to unwind.  How about an art escape? U.A.E. based artist Maria Zheleznova brings together a small group of first-time painters twice a…
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A Guide to Seoul’s Top Contemporary Art Galleries

Ana Brdar writes A Guide to Seoul’s Top Contemporary Art Galleries  For the most of the post-war period, Seoul has remained largely off the radar when it comes to contemporary art. However, Korea’s rapid modernization and economic success resulted in an emerging art scene that has been building up for the last couple of decades. The increasing numbers of world-class museums, galleries and…
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Nori Elahim

Immortalizing Wisdom in Arabic Calligraphy

“And God said “Love Your Enemy,” and I obeyed him and loved myself.” Is a famous quote by the writer, poet and visual artist, Gibran Khalil Gibran; and one of the many quotes that Nori Elhami has curated in her art. Nori Elhami is a Fine Arts Major who works mainly in exquisite calligraphy with metallic and gemstones inspired theme. Her work is associated with lifestyle and luxury.…
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Salvator Mundi

Salvator Mundi: The Story Behind the Painting

We just can't get enough of the Salvator Mundi so thought we'd hear what Ana Brdar has to say. The record-breaking sale of Salvator Mundi, one of the rare paintings attributed to the Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, quickly became the most sensational news that came out of the art world in recent years. It was confirmed that the buyer of the painting was Abu Dhabi's Department of…
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The Unlikely Trio of Snapchat, AR and Jeff Koons

THE UNLIKELY TRIO OF SNAPCHAT, AR AND JEFF KOONS By Thomas Boldt Messaging app Snapchat is probably best known as the provider of self-destructing texts and goofy real-time additions to selfies and videos, but recently it's been looking to expand its repertoire in the world of 'augmented reality'. This may seem a bit counterintuitive, but Snapchat has a history of making counterintuitive…
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Kozara sculpture

The Unifying Role of Abstract Art in Yugoslavia

The Unifying Role of Abstract Art in Yugoslavia Written by Ana Brdar.  In Western Balkans, it is not entirely unusual to run into an enormous, otherworldly statue standing tall in a middle of an empty field, away from the bustling spaces of galleries and museums. These alien-like, concrete giants are, in fact, pubic art that was commissioned throughout the now non-existent country of…
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The Art of Recycling

THE ART OF RECYCLING with Mariska Nell. About Mariska Nell Mariska Nell is the artist and Interior Designer behind Design By Mariska. As an artist, Mariska’s work focuses on combining art and recycled materials to create something beautiful. Where some see empty soda cans and Nespresso Capsules as items that should be tossed into the trash, Mariska sees art. It is for this reason that…
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Peabody Essex Museum

Art and Neuroscience

Thomas Boldt writes about Art and Neuroscience - Meet the PEMs newest member. In the midst of an increasingly overflowing media landscape, museums and galleries around the world have been exploring new ways to entice visitors (and patrons) no matter which side of the divide they come from. Many people consider art and science to be polar opposites, yet one gallery is actively courting science…
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