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Birch Forest in Summer

Medium: OilMaterial: Canvas

Size: 45cm x 78cm

Price: AED 3,600.00


Arpita Dhone

Arpita Dhone

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The beautiful painting of Birch trees with silver oak on a beautiful sunny day. On the canvas, you can see a corner of a birch forest on a beautiful and bright sun drenched day. Light and colors are used meticulously so sun glares perfectly harmonize the white birch trees and yellow, green grass. Shadow and light are in perfect contrast which gives picture vividness and naturalness, reality. Feels like, summer mood appears, and as if a breeze with a light wing rubs hair and birds can be heard. The trees seem like they themselves are swaying, Enjoying, turning towards the sun rays in order to better illuminate and warm themselves. Around everything breathe joy and warmness, energy and light. It creates an impression that you are standing in the middle of this forest and breathing the fragrance of summer days and all this energy passes through you, feeling you with positive thoughts and mood. Finding the thin line between light and shade between rich color techniques. The canvas has absorbed all the charm of the world and subtlety of human feeling and emotions. And this brings a prospering feeling in the living space, hanging on with bright or light painted walls.

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