Waruni Karunaratne Wall Art Gallery

Waruni Karunaratne

Waruni was brought up in Ragama, a village with rural landscape in Sri Lanka. The scenic beauty of the environment with streams, lakes and infinity paddy fields influenced her towards painting from the early years of life. As a young painter she started painting with landscapes, natural habitat which admired by many. The awards and appreciations she received during the journey of painting helped her to establish as a professional painter. She says “I can’t pass a day without painting. It gives me inner peace and satisfaction”. True to her words the painting has become a part of her daily life. She is a keen enthusiastic of ancient painting of Sri Lanka. Therefore to further her knowledge in painting and ancient traditions, she enrolled into the National Craft Council of Traditional Art in Sri Lanka. The course helped her to present her acrylic paintings with traditional touch with unique blend. This uniqueness has captured the hearts of many art lovers around the world. She is also involved in research studies of traditional painting techniques of ancient Sri Lanka. She travels across the country to visit various historical locations to get the firsthand information and to admire the actual beauty.