Sumaiya Vakil Zubair Wall Art Gallery

Sumaiya Vakil Zubair

Sumaiya Vakil Zubair was born and brought up in India and turned Pakistani after marriage. She has been living in Dubai for the past 24 years with her loving husband and four lovely children. Life has always been busy around family but as the children grew up Sumaiya started venturing into different fields. In 2013, she started an online clothing company called Fusion Collection and has also been an active member of the Parent Support Group of Dubai Gem Private School for the last three years. Sumaiya has reached the point in her life where she wishes to fulfil her long time dream of stepping into the art world. Her constant admiration and passion for works of art has led her on this path of creativity. "Painting brings an abundance of joy, happiness and calmness to me," says the artist. "I hope that my paintings do the same for others as well."