Sonu Sultania Wall Art Gallery

Sonu Sultania

Born and brought up in Kolkata, India, Sonu is an award-winning contemporary artist with almost 10 years of experience and is currently based in Dubai. She specializes in abstract & contemporary alcohol Ink paintings. Having lived in several countries, Sonu uses travelling as a great opportunity to explore and delve into the cultural influences and origins of the art produced in those various communities, cities, and countries. Sonu also gets her inspirations from her travel-photography and various philosophies which focus on nature, love, community development and personal development through self-discipline and responsibility. Sonu has participated in several art exhibitions across the world and in the U.A.E. and has recently started exploring the new digital media and have exhibited her NFT in ART Dubai, 2022 with Morrow Collective. Sonu was also awarded at Ras Al Khaimah Fine arts Festival, 2022 for her Alcohol Ink painting ‘Infinity’ and the Noon Artist Award in 2019 for her photography work, Spring in Her Steps. She also won two competitions in 2018; ‘Dubai Through My Eyes’ conducted by World Art Dubai and ‘Cultural Diversity’ held at Antique Museum. Her work has also been featured widely in Elevision Media of "Emerging Artist Award" across 1100 screens all over UAE in 2019. She has also been selected two years in a row as “Top 10 Emerging Artists” during World Art Dubai 2020 and 2021.