Shweta Burande Wall Art Gallery

Shweta Burande

Born in Pune (India), brought up in Aurangabad (India) and currently residing in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Shweta loves to explore new things in her life and has been experimenting her hands in various fields. Her mantra is to ‘always experience new things in life and do what makes you Happy’. She is an artist since the childhood days and always loved to paint. After finishing graduation in Computer Engineering, she started her career as Software Engineer with an IT firm in Pune (India) and worked for few years. Thereafter, to explore new career paths, she gained a diploma in Interior Design and then worked as Interior Designer in Mumbai (India), Dubai (UAE) for few years. And then started her real journey, she became a mother to a beautiful girl who is over 3-year-old now and Shweta enjoys this phase of her life the most. Simultaneously she paints and has realised this is what makes her the ‘Happiest’. She is a self-taught artist and mostly experiments with water colours, acrylics, pastels and mixed mediums. She has been receiving a really overwhelming response on her artwork worldwide. Her plan is simple, keep the LEGs grooving i.e. Keep Learning, keep on Experimenting with new mediums and with new styles and keep Growing.