Sergey Zhdanov Wall Art Gallery

Sergey Zhdanov

Sergey Zhdanov is an artist, international and Russian art exhibition participant and diploma winner. He is also a member of the Union of Young Artists of St. Petersburg, member of the Eurasian Art Union, Ph.D. Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, member of the Russian expert’s society Subsoil use and the British Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. His profession of a geologist helped him to reveal his natural artistic talent and the ability to show the charming moments in eternal paintings. The natural beauty of the world is displayed in his works, so the viewer can feel the energy of life. Sergey studied at a private art studio. In paintings, he prefers to combine the classic European art traditions and Russian realism. Fine detailing, glazing and imprimatur are the technical features of his paintings. He uses only high-quality materials that ensure the safety of paintings in museum conditions for more than 100 years. "I choose oil painting as the medium to express my ideas because it is the most vivid, emotional and durable."