Sahana Sen Wall Art Gallery

Sahana Sen

Sahana Sen is a self-taught Indian artist, currently based in the United Arab Emirates since 2008. She has been passionate about art and craft since childhood and decidedly took the plunge to make it her full-time career in 2020. Since then, she has participated in various exhibitions and events, taken up commissioned projects and conducted workshops. Her expertise lies in abstract expressionism, and she is currently focusing on acrylic fluid and alcohol ink art. She loves to paint and experiment with different techniques and media to express her emotions and state of mind. Painting gives her soul a sense of relief as it’s meditative and therapeutic. She believes in her intuitive process of creation, continuously experimenting, building new skills and trying different techniques and mediums. She wants to carve her inimitable niche for herself  in the art world and interior spaces. She believes in elegance and immaculate finish. With her obsession for perfection and appreciable color sense, her goal is to bring to her patrons the same aesthetic pleasure and peace that she feels while creating her pieces. Her avant garde techniques have made her a force to be reckoned with in the art world.