Ria Sharma Wall Art Gallery

Ria Sharma

Ria Sharma is a Dubai based artist. She was born in India in 1975. Being a Civil Engineer she has fulfilled a successful professional career in construction for 16 years. In 2009, she accidently found herself in the middle of paints and brushes. The stress free environment inexplicably changed her to the extent that she decided to follow her new found passion. She started practicing Art in Dubai in year 2009, devoting her time fully to her passion. With a desire to bring out goodness to society through art, she involved herself in projects that focus on social issues such as breast cancer awareness, women empowerment, refugee crises, global autism awareness and collaborating with local special needs institutes such as Senses. Ria is self-taught versatile artist but her true passion has been play of Cubism in her monochrome subjects. Her dynamic subjects are in rhythm with controlled cubist lines and powerful spirits that seek to burst from the constraints of the cubist shapes. Ria has had successful solo shows and participated in many international exhibitions. Her work and style Cubism is covered by all leading newspapers of Dubai. She is also featuring artist of International Magazine "Emboss". Her two works are nominated by Clyde & Co MENA awards 2018. Her work is owned by art lovers around the world. She is also a modern Arabic Calligrapher.