Remy Francis Wall Art Gallery

Remy Francis

Remy Francis has been a practicing fine artist for over 20 years. Being an advocate of aspiring artists and a proactive player in the corporate creative community for 19 years, she is also an accomplished animation and creative director leaving her footprints in the UAE, India and the United States. Her themes are inspired from little things in life and a fascination for nature, forms and color; dipping into your deepest emotion, scintillating that child-like energy and sparking a feeling of peace, beauty and happiness. Heavily charged with creative energy and well-researched in oil painting, watercolor, acrylics and pencils Remy always makes subtle statements to instill thoughtful ideas that remain secular in nature. Realistic or surreal, cartoony or serious, Remy offers a passionate world of art to the viewer. Having several non-profit endeavors to her credit, she has also been recognized internationally with awards and merit grants in painting and animation. Recently recognized by Google as a popular UAE blogger, Remy is an Authorized Fine Artist from the Tecom authorities, Dubai Media City