Nasrin Barekat Wall Art Gallery

Nasrin Barekat

Nasrin Barekat started painting at a very early age. Whenever words fail her to communicate an emotion, she picks up her brush and paints her feelings on canvas. Painting is her passion and the one mode of expression she has found that allows her to share her feelings while remaining true to herself. Nasrin is drawn to women’s faces; all born from her imagination, they provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration that she uses to convey a vast range of emotions. For Nasrin, painting is a meditation, the type of meditation that involves all the particles in the body, the mind and the spirit. She believes that by listening to your inner voice, without judgment, you can leave your mind. Only then is it possible to create. Nasrin has been involved in international artistic activities, including a global art competition called SNAC Expo which uses social networks as a communications platform. The Social Network Art Competition (SNAC) was designed to give emerging artists around the world an opportunity to show their work to the global art community. Nasrin is the executive manager of SNAC Iran 2011 & 2012 the pilot edition of that competition. Artist statement: There is no doubt that time as one of the primitive human contracts passes and we only get noticed by comparing specific intervals. These intervals act as hidden landmarks in which we passed through quietly without realizing exactly what they were. But still something is for sure: their impact is stable and lasting.