Muneer Alikkal Wall Art Gallery

Muneer Alikkal

Muneer Alikkal is a self-taught artist from India for whom art is a passion that drives and motivates him every single day. By profession, Muneer is an aircraft maintenance engineer. He has been living in Dubai since 2014. His artistic process began as a child during frequent excursions to the botanical gardens and art galleries. From a young age, he has believed “you can create anything once you see it in your mind”. He is incredibly inspired by the beauty of life, as seen through many perspectives. Upon moving to Dubai several years ago, Muneer decided to pursue his love of art in all forms. Muneer learned various techniques of paintings solely with help of the internet. Earlier during his school days, he was mainly focused on portraits using color pencils but with changing times, he gave attention to oil paintings which he feels is the best way to translate his deep captivation with the soul's journey through the illusions of life. Muneer is a regular participant of various exhibition across the UAE. His works invariably receive accolades for their authenticity and originality. Apart from painting, he possesses a huge interest in driving and photography, which he finds is the best way to incorporate new concepts into his paintings.