Masarratfatima Sulaimani Wall Art Gallery

Masarratfatima Sulaimani

Paper cut designs, Acrylic Paintings, Landscape, Portraits, Graphic Art, Masarratfatima Sulaimani is an experimental artist. Her explorations into the world of art and design, has gifted her with talents and possibilities that knows no boundaries. Like a bird destined to fly high, she spreads her wings far and wide and lets the imagination run its course. Her wings have been adorned with feathers of all hues and forms. She has mastered the art of paper cut portraits and designs and believes that human forms and emotions can be best depicted through this art form. Masarratfatima is the founder of Artyzen Design. She specializes in creating the unique art of Paper cut designs. Mixed with Acrylic and water colour mediums, paper cut art takes art to an all different level. More like a collage of layers, these paper patterns display still life or a story in a snapshot. Portraits and Acrylic paintings are yet another medium that Masarratfatima works on. Her creations are not merely a display of an image. She strives to bring out the emotions from still life and the feelings that come out through a story. The works are simple in approach and try to speak to the audience at the ground level. Masarratfatima Sulaimani holds a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts from the most prestigious Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, India. As a graphic designer and freelance artist, she has been experimenting with Package Designs etc.