Lynn Fattouhi Wall Art Gallery

Lynn Fattouhi

Lynn Fattouhi, born in 2000, developed a passion for Arts and creativity early in childhood and started painting at the age of 9. She has since seized every opportunity to grow and hone her painting, a passion she intends to keep developing. Having received many appreciations from her teachers and the social community, Lynn has enjoyed numerous successful sales already and is a young artist to watch in the years to come. "Since my childhood, I was always passionate about art in all shapes and forms. Whether painting, drawing, pottery, collages and others, I have always found myself drawn to activities where I could express myself creatively," she says. Painting specifically has been her favorite and she pursued this passion throughout the years, seeing the simplicity and charm that exists in her daily surroundings. Inspired by the sunshine, rays on the surface of the sea or the old bicycle on the corner of a narrow street, she represents them with colorful strokes on her canvas. With time and practice, Lynn discovered her own artistic identity and developed it even further, thus clearly differentiating herself from others. After an interesting journey of experimentation with styles and techniques, Lynn found that painting individuals comes naturally to her, humans and silhouettes in all shapes, forms and colors, moving or static, detailed or abstract. "I would define my art as figurative representations of human interaction in society," but of course, art is ever-changing and the artistic style Lynn knows will be continuously evolving over time.