Laetitia Demortreux-Velez Wall Art Gallery

Laetitia Demortreux-Velez

Attracted by the air of warmth, Laetitia Demortreux-Velez paints Tuscany, the Sultanate of Oman and urban atmospheres, beneath a limpid and contrasting light. She sketches her studies on the spot, and then in the studio she analyses, decorates and creates the picture that gives material form to the sensations she feels. Each of her compositions is the result of careful and profound observation. The canvases are still, silent, mostly without figures, and the artist is above, all responsive to the light. Any architecture is treated with breadth, in a warm palette in which ochres and raw and burnt Sienna echo each other. Initially worked in abstract form, in a line that is both rhythmic and free, the forms appear beneath contrasting lines and the eye follows the elements revealed by the passage of the light. Each of the works is a journey. The observer is transported into a poetic flight far from their human-level vision, and the voyage induces them to contemplation.