Karishma Wadhwa Wall Art Gallery

Karishma Wadhwa

Karishma Wadhwa is a Mumbai based professional artist who was born and bought up in Chennai. Her work has evolved over the years from figurative to abstract and Karishma has dabbled in various mediums ranging from acrylics, and watercolors to oil. Colors play an important role in her paintings with the use of each color having a distinct significance that depicts different moods and thoughts. Her signature collection of paintings 'Opus', are an abstract representation of cityscapes. Opus simply means compositions set on a large scale and this collection draws inspiration from her travels across the world. Karishma envisages cities in their unique character through her play of forms and colors. Depicted through a vista of structures with vibrant colors and bold knife strokes, this cityscape series visualizes a sense of belonging, hope, dreams and ambitions. Opus is a personal process and it invites the viewers to experience and interpret the works, in relation to their own journey as they watch them enveloped in the colors on the canvas.