Jan D'Sa Wall Art Gallery

Jan D'Sa

Jan D'Sa is a UAE-based mixed media and digital artist who creates art informed by various multi-disciplinary practices. While her work explores a number of themes, it centers on using artistic creativity spontaneously, intuitively and freely for the primary purpose of bringing joy, warmth and comfort when needed the most. A fitness and wellbeing advocate passionate about using arts for transformation of self and societies, Jan is a certified Dancing/Movement Mindfulness facilitator from the Institute for Creative Mindfulness, USA. With formal training in Indian classical dance form, Bharatanatyam, and classical piano from the London Royal School of Music, she channels her passion for music, contemporary dance, theatre and song into her artwork which then becomes a mindful experience. She is also a certified mBIT coach from the mBraining Institute, channeling the wisdom of aligning the intelligence of the head, heart, and gut 'brains' into her artwork and life. Jan also holds a Master's Degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Her years of corporate experience in strategic communications, employee engagement and workplace wellbeing have only served to intensify her interest in behavioral psychology, neuromarketing, intercultural dialogue and using the arts as a healing modality. In the past, Jan has exhibited in Dubai, often participating in community projects in the UAE.