Ilaria Ratti Wall Art Gallery

Ilaria Ratti

Ilaria Ratti was born in Lugano, Switzerland. After graduating in business and administration, Ilaria began travelling the world.  As a self-taught artist, she has gained inspiration from every culture experienced and  each landscape visited that has given her a world of colors and images she captured for her paintings. Ilaria feels emotions and harmony with the universe is the key to creativity. She established herself in Dubai in 2008 and keeps exploring and painting. What was a private passion, over time became a road to self-acknowledgment and discovery until she decided to share this enthusiasm with others. With her paintings, Ilaria hopes to give serenity and joy to the people that are attracted to them. “People started telling me that my paintings changed all the time," says the artist. "According to their mood they could catch something different but always soothing and light." For Ilaria, this was a beautiful thing and has encouraged her to continue.