Edvard Sasun Wall Art Gallery

Edvard Sasun

Edvard Sasun, one of Armenia’s most outstanding contemporary artists working in the academic tradition, showed a great interest in art from an early age. In the previous century, he took a master’s in fine art from the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and then continued his rich and diverse artistic development into the twenty-first century. However, before he undertook this large and fruitful training in drawing and painting, Edvard Sasun had graduated from the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics at Yerevan State University and become a certified mathematician, cyberneticist and economist. The mission of a real scientist within the framework of natural science is an unceasing search; although Edvard sensed and accepted this mission, he was destined to direct his searches to another high sphere of human activity. That is why he, seeing himself as predominantly an artist,g entered the legendary Repin Academy. Edvard has always shown not only his talent for description but also for subtle psychology, he was always able to present the full sense of the chosen subject. He has an excellent ability to create an artistic image, equipped with psychological depth and has continuously and successfully developed his art to an exceptional level of mastery.