Edcel Cabalan Wall Art Gallery

Edcel Cabalan

EDCEL LA ROSA CABALAN is a Dubai-based Filipino architect who specializes in aesthetic building design and technical evaluation. Edcel’s artistry goes beyond the scope of architecture. He is also invested in photography and has been given several local and international recognitions in the photography society. Among his awards include International Photography Awards, Buildings (IPA-PH), Sultan Bin Zayed Photography Competition, The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers UK, Xposure International Competition, A Falcon's Shadow (Best of the Emirates), and many others. Watercolor painting has provided an even extended arena for Edcel to feed his fascination in freezing the moments that are worth keeping - from scenic imageries, familiar affairs of everyday life, to remarkable elements of modern and Renaissance architecture. His Impressionist watercolor paintings are a coalescence of the right stroke, the right colours for the right emotions he wants to convey.