Despoina Maria Logidou Wall Art Gallery

Despoina Maria Logidou

Despoina Maria Logidou is a Greek artist who was born in Athens-Greece in 1982 and she also has roots in Cyprus and Ethiopia. She studied Graphic Design at Middlesex University, Theology at the Theological School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and Early Childhood Studies at the University of East London. Despoina has worked with children of a preschool age, aiming to expand their emotional and social development through pedagogical activities, crafts and painting techniques. In her paintings, Despoina is inspired by subjects like praying, the sentiments of man between himself and the divine, the balance of the human psyche and the inaccessible path someone has to go through in order to approach his real self. It is in this way that her artwork is born, through an internal state that flows while battling between the real and the abstract, a quality, an emotion that shows through the color relations that are almost never truly distinct. In the spring of 2017, Despoina held her first solo exhibition at Coronari111 gallery in Rome. This exhibition opened the path for the artist's future course, making her works travel all the way down under to Australia.