Deepika Devan Wall Art Gallery

Deepika Devan

Deepika Devan is a nutritionist by profession. She has always believed that overall health lies in the positivity of the mind and this is what got the artist started on exploring and experimenting with oil paintings. This process brought a whole new experience and perspective of love and self discovery. Having a childhood with abundant memories close to nature, most of Deepika's paintings are inspired by the textures, patterns and moments closely connected with those times and she is passionate about creating these effects through raw, abstract techniques which give her work a realistic and illusionary effect. Through her paintings, Deepika reminisces on those memories close to nature and the multiple senses of sight and touch which brings her a nostalgic joy. She wishes to create the same connection for the viewers and bring them nature's alluring beauty to instill positivity within and around them. Most of Deepika's artworks are collections of two or more sets of paintings and the artist thus involves the buyer’s creativity by giving them the option to re-arrange and customize the sets to their walls and match them with their interiors.