Dean Lenton Wall Art Gallery

Dean Lenton

With Bachelor of Science honors degrees in Mathematics and Computing and a career in Engineering for the Nuclear and medical industries, most of Dean Lenton’s life focus has been about accuracy, precision and conformance. Creating art provides a welcome relief from this and he loves to let go of the restraints and put something extra into his work, trying to capture the sensations of a scene or invoking feelings for the viewer. Living in the flat arable farmlands of the east of England with its wide-open vistas and skyscapes provides the visual material and inspiration for his work. Dean can work in various styles, from realistic to abstract but particularly enjoys realistic and impressionistic works in oils. Dean didn’t find his passion or talent for art until later in life.  He was gifted a few paint brushes, some paint and five small canvases.  When he put paint to canvas, he realized that not only did he thoroughly enjoy this form of art, but he was also very adept at it.  Though he is self-taught, Dean constantly pushes himself to learn new techniques and develop his talent even further.